Welcome to Ever After, your exclusive retreat and vacation for building a healthy foundation and reigniting the joy in your marriage!

Anton Reyes


  • May 10 to 13, 2024
  • Savoy Hotel Boracay
  • Minimum participants: 20

Who this is for:

Ever After is crafted for couples eager to establish a solid foundation for a strong and lasting marriage. Whether you’re newly married or have shared a lifetime together, if you’re seeking to enhance connection, improve engagement, or restore intimacy, this retreat is tailored just for you.

Overview of Topics:

Session 1: The Cycle of Love and Respect

Unlock the secrets to a harmonious relationship by understanding the dynamic interplay of love and respect.

Session 2: Pride - The Root Cause of Conflicts

Explore the destructive role of pride in relationships and learn strategies to overcome conflict escalation and destructive behavior.

Session 3: Tearing Down Emotional Walls

Rediscover emotional intimacy as we guide you through breaking down barriers and building bridges for a healthier relationship.

Session 4: Becoming One

Build a stronger commitment to the lifelong process of becoming one with your spouse.

Why Ever After:

  • Build a Healthy Foundation
  • Improve Engagement and Connection
  • Enhance Openness & Intimacy
  • Bring Back Joy & Excitement


Meet Anton Reyes, your guide on the journey to stronger relationships and personal growth. As a seasoned life and relationship coach, former pastor, and with a background in psychology, Anton has walked alongside individuals, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds for over 20 years, bringing a unique blend of wisdom, experience, and compassion to his work.


Life and Relationship Coach: Anton’s expertise extends to both individual and relationship coaching, with a special focus on nurturing and enhancing the connections that bind couples together.


Corporate Coaching: Beyond personal relationships, Anton applies his skills in corporate coaching, aiding professionals in developing a positive mindset, fostering sustainable habits, and refining behavior in the workplace.

Content Creation and Influence:

Social Media Presence: As a content creator with over 190k followers across multiple platforms, Anton uses his online presence to inspire positive change, offering insights into improving mindset and behavior, particularly within the context of relationships.


Resource Speaker: Anton’s influence extends to television as a regular resource speaker for shows such as ABS CBN’s Teleradyo Kasalo and TV5’s Payong Kapatid segments, where he shares valuable wisdom on relationship dynamics and personal development.

Married Life:

Married for 19 years, Anton and his wife April have weathered the complexities of marriage. Their union faced storms of emotional walls, betrayal, trust issues, communication hurdles, and the pitfalls of pride and bitterness. Yet, through God’s grace, a lot of humility, patience, and effort, Anton and April didn’t just overcome these challenges; they emerged stronger. Restoring connection, trust, and intimacy, they now experience the true essence of love, joy, and peace.


Their personal journey, coupled with years of coaching and counseling, forms the foundation of Anton’s understanding, compassion, and commitment to helping other married couples forge enduring and thriving relationships.


  • Round trip land and Boat Transfers
  • Half day function rooms for 2 sessions with 2 Lunches and 2 snacks
  • Accommodations on deluxe rooms in mentioned hotel based on twin sharing room
  • 2 Couples Coaching Workshop Sessions
  • Meals – 3 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Snacks, and 1 Dinner by the Beach


Reserve Your Slot:

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 —> Minimum 10 couples required for this retreat to push through.

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